Men have feelings too:

Who said men have no feelings, they can’t cry or even show emotions? Are there any things that make men

By Baraka Tupu 14 Min Read

 My husband rapes me:

There are many things that do happen behind the curtain of many married couples that are very hard to explain;

By Baraka Tupu 9 Min Read


I wish I was not born in this time of technology; this is the most horrible error in the cycle

By Baraka Tupu 10 Min Read

Does God Exist:

This question has been going around since the beginning of the man. Many have gone to the grave without having

By Baraka Tupu 9 Min Read

All want is to keep my man Happy:

True meaning of marriage may be quite a challenge as there are so many different views and understandings of what

By Baraka Tupu 24 Min Read