All are candidates of Disability:

Lord, who among them is to be blamed for his situation? Such

By Bernard KAGAME 7 Min Read

Stuttering is not a weakness.

“Kagame, I hated myself. I wanted to die and be with God

By Bernard KAGAME 11 Min Read

All want is to keep my man Happy:

True meaning of marriage may be quite a challenge as there are

By Baraka Tupu 24 Min Read

How to Worship

Instructions on Worship "I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers,

By Baraka Tupu 12 Min Read

Fighting PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

“Kagame, don’t you ever judge anyone because of his/her situation; either on

By Bernard KAGAME 8 Min Read

The Big 5

Kenya has been drawing tourists from all over the world with its

By Bernard KAGAME 10 Min Read

Men have feelings too:

Who said men have no feelings, they can’t cry or even show

By Baraka Tupu 14 Min Read

Sermon for BarakaTupu

Sermon prepared and delivered by:KAGAME Bernard Reading: Bad navigation is an especially

By Baraka Tupu 20 Min Read

Does God Exist:

This question has been going around since the beginning of the man.

By Baraka Tupu 9 Min Read

Sermon for BarakaTupu

Subject:  Good Stewardship: Introduction: Stewardship is a noun that means the job

By Baraka Tupu 21 Min Read