Dog’s blood donated to cat hospital costs $50,000

Upstate New York veterinarians are donating blood to help a cat hospital that is in the midst of a shortage of veterinary specialty supplies.The hospital has about 25 cat vets and has been trying to get the supply it needs from the Catskills Animal Hospital, but now it’s about to run out of blood.The cats […]

How a pet store is saving lives in the pet industry

Specialty pet product manufacturers say their market is shrinking in the U.S. as pet owners increasingly shop online.Many companies are relying on the Internet to find products, but some are finding that some customers are more willing to shop online than at a pet supply store.A national survey of pet supply stores conducted by PetSmart […]

How to make an email subscription from the comfort of your own home

As the term “specialty care” gets a little too broad, we thought we’d explain how we can make an online subscription to specialty care or a doctor visit a breeze.Here are a few easy steps.Read More and start the process now!In general, we recommend subscribing to specialty services for one to three years.If you subscribe […]

How to sign up for a healthpartner specialty insurance policy

What you need to know about specialties and healthparteners specialties provider and healthcenter specialties source USA TODAY title Specialty coverage for auto and truck insurance: Which insurance companies cover what?source USA NOW title What you should know about auto and tractor insurance source USA NEWS article Specialty insurance policies are a popular form of personal […]

FourFour Two: A new, innovative way to get your prescription in your pocket

FourFour2 is a subscription-based app that allows you to save and track your prescriptions online, with convenient ordering, shopping and checkout features.4Four2 uses a unique app design to keep track of your prescription and provides easy access to all your prescriptions.The app has been designed by New York-based FourFour.It’s free to use, but if you […]

How to get the best coverage for your health, productivity and lifestyle

Times of Asia – 4th December 2018 4:55pm ISTThe latest edition of the Times of China has a headline: “The latest speciality healthcare advice”The Times of Japan has an article titled “Specialty Care: How to Find the Best Care for Your Health, Fitness and Mind”The article goes on to offer advice on what to do […]

Specialty Pharmacy for the Optimum Specialty Cakes

The specialty pharmacy for the premium specialty cake specialty category, Optimum, has opened its doors in Tel Aviv.The specialty pharmacy opened its door in the area of Tel Aviv’s Tel Aviv City in May.The store, which opened as a specialty pharmacy in May 2017, is owned by the company Specialty Bakery.In addition to specialties such […]

When you’re looking for the perfect new bike, a new accessory might be a must-have

Retail bike shops in the Northeast are in the market for new accessories.In fact, they’re so desperate for new bikes that they’re willing to pay more than the usual for a special-purpose model that could include a rear rack, rack mount, or even a seatpost.But if the bike you’re after isn’t as fun to ride […]


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