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How to make your own unique ‘dessert’

How to Make A Dessert At Home – By Maitri Parikh How toMake A Downtime Cake – By Jaspreet Srivastava – 4th November, 2018The word “dessert” has a very specific meaning, but what exactly does that mean?In the modern age, a dessert has become synonymous with a particular type of food, beverage, or service.These are […]

A look at the dental specialty industry

Dental specialty businesses have been under attack from various forces in recent years, and they are facing more attacks from the health care industry.But one thing is clear: dentists have been losing ground.Dentists have fallen behind in their ability to diagnose and treat conditions such as chronic dental pain, which is one of the leading […]

Why is this concrete specialty store worth visiting?

Why is it worth visiting the specialised stores in the Specialty Food & Beverage segment of this year’s NDA agenda? While we can always enjoy visiting a shop that specializes in organic products and has a strong reputation in the market, this year we will be more likely to see these shops in malls. The number of […]

How to get a better shot at getting a better life

Specialty hospitals and specialty medical equipment manufacturers are offering discounts to help patients find a better path to life, and the specialties are responding.The goal is to increase quality, reduce costs and improve patient outcomes, according to the American Hospital Association.The American Hospital Assn.says it’s offering discounts for a wide variety of specialty medical devices, […]

Dr. William C. Hensley is taking over as the CEO of the Oregon Health Plan

Hensly is taking the helm of the state’s largest health care provider as he enters his fourth term as CEO.The new CEO of Oregon Health Plans is Dr. Bill Hensleys role includes leading the company through the transition from a public entity to a private one, said OHP spokeswoman Karen McGlinchey.Hensly, who previously worked as […]

How to make a superfood-packed burger without meat

In an effort to get people to buy into the idea of meatless meals, the vegan burger chain, Ace Specialties, is launching its own line of burgers with specialty meats.According to The Next Spicy, Ace will offer three different beef-free varieties, including the Ace Specialty Meat, which features the “secret ingredient” of a secret ingredient.The […]

A specialty coffee house in a city where there are no coffee shops

In an increasingly globalised world, some of the world’s most popular coffee chains are increasingly turning to niche markets to tap into the global consumer market.Coffee shop owners, who usually operate in the same way as coffee shops, are often able to find a home in the suburbs or small towns, but in some cities […]


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