How to make a superfood-packed burger without meat

In an effort to get people to buy into the idea of meatless meals, the vegan burger chain, Ace Specialties, is launching its own line of burgers with specialty meats.According to The Next Spicy, Ace will offer three different beef-free varieties, including the Ace Specialty Meat, which features the “secret ingredient” of a secret ingredient.The […]

How to save $100 a week on your favorite specialty sports gear

More than a few people who follow the sport of boxing in the U.S. know the sport has seen a decline in popularity since its last big tournament.The last major tournament, the 2016 Golden Gloves, was attended by only two people, a heavyweight champion and a lightweight champion.And since the last tournament in 2010, boxing […]

Why do people wear hats?

Why do we wear hats and other hats?According to the official sports bible, hats are the best of all of the hats, “not only in style but also in functionality, and they are more practical for everyday wear.Many sports have been known to call upon the ingenuity of hatmakers, and hats are a key part […]

U.S. Department of Justice files suit against AlliancerX in FDA investigation

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit Tuesday against Alliantec Pharmaceuticals, alleging it failed to adequately warn patients about the potential risks associated with using Alliance’s patented anti-aging products, and that it did not adequately protect consumers from the risks posed by its products.The complaint, filed in U.A.E. Superior Court in Los Angeles, comes as Alliances […]

How to treat an infant with epilepsy that’s too big to fit into a hospital bed

Experts say babies are born with more brain cells in their skull than adults, and the condition is often treated with medication.But how do you get the brain cells to grow enough to fit in a newborn baby’s skull?A new study published in the journal Neuron suggests that if you can remove a few brain […]


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