‘My body has been invaded’: Woman speaks out on harassment

A Winnipeg woman says she was sexually assaulted in the specialty paper industry while a male colleague was writing her story.“It was one of those situations that I didn’t even know was happening,” says the woman who wants to remain anonymous.“I felt like I was being targeted, harassed.”The woman says the sexual harassment happened at […]

How to cook a meal with marie’s Italian specialty foods

The specialty of a good Italian meal is the pasta.And a pasta with mariachi music is no exception.Here are three ways to cook with a classic style.1.Sous Vide pasta with chicken breast.This is the easiest, quickest, and most delicious way to cook pasta.Mariachi chicken breast is the perfect complement to the sauce, making the dish […]

When your orthopedic specialties become specialty groups

The military occupational specialty groups are a group of specialty groups that provide health care to the people who serve in those specialties.The US military has more than 400 such specialties and these groups have an average of over 300,000 members, and many of them specialize in physical disabilities.While some of these specialty groups also […]

How to Choose Your California Specialty Chicken

The new California specialty chicken is on the menu, but only in select restaurants.We’ve rounded up the best California specialty plates and get your California chicken fix with our list of the best spots to try it in.The California chicken, as it’s known, is a delicacy that is available in all of California and the […]

How to find the best specialty pizza in the U.S.

A new survey of specialty pizza restaurants in the United States has identified a lot of “interesting choices” that could be worth checking out if you want something with more depth of flavor.The findings suggest that the specialty pizza segment in the US is more interesting than the pizza that comes to market every few […]

How the ‘Bachelor’ Went From ‘Bachelorette’ to ‘Survivor’: A Look Back

A lot of people will remember how the show ended, with the Bachelor getting married in the middle of the season and getting the ax.But there are a lot of folks who don’t remember that the season was supposed to be a “survivor” season.And it was.The season had originally been called “The Bachelor” for the […]

Why you should shop at specialty food stores

The big question every time you step into a specialty food store is, “What’s my favorite food?”A question I get asked constantly.You know what I like to ask when I want to find something new?“What are my favorite foods?”I’m always in search of something new.There’s an obvious answer, but what if you don’t know what […]

Which Canadian hospitals are the most well-staffed?

The Globe and Mail has done a lot of work to help Canadians understand where they stand in terms of the number of doctors, hospitals and doctors-in-training in their province, and we have compiled a list of the best health-care facilities across Canada for those seeking an edge in a fast-changing field.The list is by […]


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