‘You don’t have to be a dentist to be an expert’: How one woman is helping other dental professionals get better

The word ‘dentist’ is one of the most recognizable terms used to describe a dentist.But what does it mean to be ‘a’ ‘dental specialist’?How do you know if a dental professional has been a ‘dietician’ for more than two years?Dental care isn’t just about cleaning your teeth.It’s about supporting your oral health and helping your […]

How to be more productive with your vet specialty centers

Hacker News – General: The best places to learn more about the different types of veterinary specialists, specialty care, and more, from the experts in the field.Vet specialty center: Best places to get more information about specialty care and find a place to work with a vet who can answer your questions.Dental specialty associate: Best […]

How to get the best dental services from a local specialty store

A veteran dentist may have been the one to introduce you to the specialty shop of your dreams.But a lot of specialty shops don’t necessarily have the same level of expertise, or are less than ideal for your dental needs.Here are some tips for getting the best of both worlds.The best dental specialists and dental […]

A look at the dental specialty industry

Dental specialty businesses have been under attack from various forces in recent years, and they are facing more attacks from the health care industry.But one thing is clear: dentists have been losing ground.Dentists have fallen behind in their ability to diagnose and treat conditions such as chronic dental pain, which is one of the leading […]

A few years ago, a dentist who didn’t think she needed to fill a cavity was horrified when her patients didn’t need one. Now, she says the same dental practice is seeing an influx of new patients.

The Globe and Mail’s Rachel Lebovic is at the centre of a growing battle over whether a dentist in a major metropolitan area is being fair to its customers by offering dental care at lower prices than in other areas.In a story published on Thursday, The Globe detailed an incident in which a resident at […]


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