How to sign up for a healthpartner specialty insurance policy

What you need to know about specialties and healthparteners specialties provider and healthcenter specialties source USA TODAY title Specialty coverage for auto and truck insurance: Which insurance companies cover what?source USA NOW title What you should know about auto and tractor insurance source USA NEWS article Specialty insurance policies are a popular form of personal […]

What coffee company will open the new $1 million, 100-person facility in Palomar?

Palomars coffee house is being considered for a $1.2 million expansion, but the plans aren’t quite finalized yet.That’s according to an official from the Palm Springs-based specialty coffee chain, which recently opened the new Palomares Coffee House in the former Kinkos store in downtown Palm Springs.The location at 5200 Bolsa Ave., Suite 6, is slated […]

How to find the best summertime specialty stores

The summer of 2018 brought a number of great seasonal specialty store openings that have been confirmed by consumers and news outlets across the country. For the first time ever, the summer of 2019 will see a full-time seasonal specialty shop opening, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) website. According to USDA, the following seasonal […]

How to stop the next wave of specialty drugs

The specialty retail industry is already a lucrative one.Its sales are estimated to have risen 30 percent since 2009.But some patients, like Lisa Bowers, want more than that.Lisa Bowers of Long Island, New York, recently bought an ingenior pharmacy in a suburb of New York City that had been owned by a family for generations.It […]

When children need to be tested for measles: How to get vaccinated

The city is hoping to get children vaccinated in as little as 24 hours, and to have them tested in as many as eight hours.“This is a priority and a very high priority for us,” said Dr. Jennifer Boulton-Dickie, deputy health officer for Public Health Ontario.“It’s important for our children to be healthy and well […]

FourFour Two: A new, innovative way to get your prescription in your pocket

FourFour2 is a subscription-based app that allows you to save and track your prescriptions online, with convenient ordering, shopping and checkout features.4Four2 uses a unique app design to keep track of your prescription and provides easy access to all your prescriptions.The app has been designed by New York-based FourFour.It’s free to use, but if you […]

How to find the best specialty pizza in the U.S.

A new survey of specialty pizza restaurants in the United States has identified a lot of “interesting choices” that could be worth checking out if you want something with more depth of flavor.The findings suggest that the specialty pizza segment in the US is more interesting than the pizza that comes to market every few […]

Disney’s ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ trailer is the highest grossing trailer of 2018

“There’s nothing like a big-screen experience.We were all at the table talking about the film, how we wanted to be the first movie to have that experience.And I remember thinking, I have to be that guy in that room.I’m not going to be a director, but I have that right.I have a voice.I know how […]

Why we’re celebrating our special treats in the wintertime

By MATT KROESSERAP/NBC NEWSThe holidays are a time to celebrate and celebrate.But there’s a big difference between celebrating with friends and family, and celebrating with your family.This year, we’re embracing that with a special focus on the specialty food and beverage industry.There are a lot of specialty restaurants out there and we want to get […]

How to make a meal for a diabetic reader

In India, you can make a great Indian meal with a little luck.It seems that every Indian family knows at least one way to make Indian food.Here are some of our favorites.1.The potato casserole2.The rice and masala rice 3.The curried tomato soup4.The beef dosa5.The dosa rice6.The fried chicken curry7.The paneer dosa8.The prawn curry9.The naan burger10.The […]


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