What if a firearm didn’t kill you?

In the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting, it was suggested that the NRA’s stance on guns was out of step with the public.

“They said, ‘You don’t have a right to own guns,'” wrote John Podhoretz, the conservative commentator and author of a book about gun control.

He was echoing the argument made by many of his own fellow gun owners when he wrote that the Second Amendment protects a right for people to own firearms, despite the fact that many gun owners do not feel that their Second Amendment rights are infringed upon.

Podhorets’ comments came after the deadliest mass shooting in American history, which took the lives of 58 people at a music festival in Las Vegas, killing more than 500.

Podhorsers comments followed a similar sentiment from former President Barack Obama, who called for gun control measures to be introduced in the wake, “because our country needs to act quickly to end the epidemic of gun violence and prevent another tragedy like this from happening again.”

Obama, who was a candidate for president in 2008, also called for a ban on assault weapons.

The NRA has argued that the assault weapons ban was a good measure to combat gun violence.

The National Rifle Association, which has been a key player in the debate over gun control, has argued for the banning of assault weapons, arguing that they are an effective means of protecting against gun violence, while maintaining that the use of such weapons does not make the American people safer.

But Podhorser also took issue with the way that the gun lobby has framed the issue.

As Vox pointed out, the gun rights lobby argues that guns are an important tool in protecting against mass shootings, because they enable individuals to protect themselves.

They say that they have the right to have guns, but not the right not to have them.

And that the public shouldn’t have to worry about gun violence in the United States, because guns have always been a tool of self-defense in America, he said.

Podhertts comments come after the White House announced that the National Rifle Assn.

is launching a national campaign to address gun violence by providing financial support to programs designed to help communities deal with gun violence crisis.

According to the Whitehouse, the National Institutes of Health is helping to fund a pilot program to help prevent gun violence through an early childhood education program.


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