Obama: ‘You don’t have to have cancer’ to be healthy

In a rare moment of bipartisan support, President Barack Obama on Thursday signed an executive order aimed at improving access to care for patients with chronic conditions.

In a statement released by the White House, the president said the order will make it easier for Americans to get care when they’re sick.

“This will mean that people with chronic health conditions, including those with heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, can access appropriate, high-quality care when needed, regardless of their medical history,” Obama said.

“By making it easier to access health care, this order will help the American people who need it the most.”

The president’s order also directs health care providers to provide more comprehensive, personalized care to people with complex medical conditions, according to the White, and encourages the use of data analytics and health information technology to improve care for the nation’s chronic conditions patients.

It also requires the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to conduct an analysis on how much data should be used in clinical decisions and to develop guidelines for the collection and use of health information for the prevention and treatment of chronic conditions, the White said.

It’s the latest step in a long-term effort to improve access to health care in the United States, and a direct response to rising costs and the country’s health care system’s chronic underfunding.

Obama’s order is one of the most ambitious ever enacted by a president.

But it’s not the only step the president has taken to improve health care access.

The president has also launched an effort to reduce the number of people in the country who die from cancer.

The White House says the initiative is expected to reduce deaths by half by 2025.

The president said his order is an important step in addressing the nation�s chronic health care crisis and also includes measures aimed at protecting Medicare, Medicaid, and the uninsured from cuts in their health care coverage.

“These executive orders and the bipartisan agreement reached with Republicans and Democrats in Congress underscore that the American health care plan is the best way to improve the health of the American families and communities who rely on it,” he said.

In recent years, the number and quality of health care care coverage has deteriorated in the U.S. as insurance companies have cut back on coverage.

Health care spending per person has fallen in the past decade, but it is still a significant burden on the nation.

The nation�ve also had the most expensive health care for all Americans in the world, according the World Health Organization.


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