How to cook a meal with marie’s Italian specialty foods

The specialty of a good Italian meal is the pasta.

And a pasta with mariachi music is no exception.

Here are three ways to cook with a classic style.


Sous Vide pasta with chicken breast.

This is the easiest, quickest, and most delicious way to cook pasta.

Mariachi chicken breast is the perfect complement to the sauce, making the dish super easy to prepare.

Use your imagination.

You can even use the sauce to top pasta as a marinara sauce or even drizzle over pasta salad.

If you don’t have chicken, you can use chicken breasts in place of chicken.


A spicy pasta with smoked salmon.

Use a meat-free marinade to add a flavor to your dish.

This spicy pasta is made with smoked fish sauce.

Use any fish that you like.

The more fish you use, the better it is.

You could even use smoked bacon, smoked turkey, smoked salmon, or smoked trout.


Grilled steak.

This steak sauce makes a great marinada sauce.

If your steak is too large, you could also use cubed meat, like brisket, chicken, pork belly, or chicken breast (but not pork belly).

You can also make this sauce from the skin of the steak.

Use whatever you like, and use a good marinator.

Just remember, don’t over-cook your steak.


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