When children need to be tested for measles: How to get vaccinated

The city is hoping to get children vaccinated in as little as 24 hours, and to have them tested in as many as eight hours.

“This is a priority and a very high priority for us,” said Dr. Jennifer Boulton-Dickie, deputy health officer for Public Health Ontario.

“It’s important for our children to be healthy and well and not have this thing we call a coronavirus on them,” she said.

The city will provide the testing, which will take place at two locations.

The first location is in the city’s Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, where a large number of children have recently visited.

Boulson-Dickies office said there are many children and young adults who visited the Downtown East side, and it was “really important” for them to be vaccinated.

After the first test, children who tested positive will be offered a free visit to a community health centre for testing and follow-up, or they can go to a primary care clinic to receive a measles vaccination.

While some areas in Toronto are experiencing a resurgence of the virus, the number of confirmed cases is decreasing, said Boulons office.

The number of reported cases in the last week of September has dropped from about 1,800 to 900.

In recent weeks, the city has seen the virus evolve to more easily cross borders.

The city has also seen a surge in cases from New York City.

This week, Toronto has reported the first case of the disease in the United States.

It was a New York man who had traveled to Canada and then spent three weeks in a clinic in Toronto before being admitted to the hospital.


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