How to Protect Yourself from Racist Comments on Facebook

Racist comments have been making their way onto Facebook and Twitter, but the most disturbing thing about them is that they’re not coming from people who are trying to be funny or caring.

They’re coming from white people who have a hatred of black people.

And it’s not just racist comments that are being made by these white people.

They also have an attitude that black people are less human, and that black lives don’t matter.

In the words of the late actor, George Michael, who was once the most popular actor in the world, “You’re nothing.”

But the reason they don’t realize this is because they are so focused on what they can control.

The most common example of this is a meme that has been circulating on social media, which is a cartoon of a black man with a gun.

When it was posted in March, the meme received a lot of attention.

The image was quickly taken down, but not before a racist comment was made on the same post.

But the person who made the racist comment wasn’t joking.

It was actually an actual racist comment, and it came from a white man.

This is the racist reaction that black Americans are receiving on Facebook.

Here are just a few examples.

I’ll start with one that is just a typical one.

A black man named Sam has posted a meme on Facebook that shows him carrying a gun, and another person, who looks to be in his early 20s, replies: Hey Sam, you better be ready to shoot, because you don’t know what you’re doing!

A lot of people were quick to respond to the meme, saying that it was offensive and not funny.

But this is what makes this one of the most offensive: It shows him holding a gun and shooting another person.

A lot more people took offense to this meme than to any other.

Sam’s comments were not racist.

They were about black people, and black people being afraid of black men.

The meme that Sam is showing is a picture of a man holding a handgun in a holster, and his face is obscured by his mask.

In that picture, he is also holding a weapon, which he also shows in the picture.

But what’s the point of Sam holding a firearm if he’s not actually carrying it?

When you’re holding a real gun, you are holding it to defend yourself.

But in this picture, the gun is still visible, and the caption reads: If you see someone who is carrying a weapon that is pointed at you, run away.

But Sam doesn’t even try to hide his gun from his attackers.

He holds it up in a menacing manner, showing that he knows that they won’t be able to hurt him if he does.

He is not holding the weapon to defend himself.

He has no intention of harming anyone, and he is just showing off.

And the fact that he is holding it in a threatening manner shows that he has a clear intent to use it to threaten others.

Sam then continues to show off his gun by showing off his belt buckle.

A caption in the meme says: I am ready to defend myself, Sam.

I’m ready to be a badass.

This caption also shows a picture from Sam’s Instagram page, where he is sporting a belt buckle on his belt, as well as the caption “Ready to defend me, Sam.”

And then he adds the caption, “If you see me with a weapon pointed at me, run out of there!”

Sam’s response is not to defend his own life.

It’s to intimidate.

This next image shows Sam holding an assault rifle, which isn’t even visible in the image.

It is visible in Sam’s caption, and then it is captioned: If someone comes up to me, you know what to do?


Sam is clearly not being menacing in this meme.

But he is using the weapon in a very threatening manner.

This image also shows that Sam has a concealed carry permit, which has the word “CAMP” written on it.

He also has a pistol license, which can be seen in his caption.

This could be a sign that Sam knows he can use his weapon to protect himself, or that he believes he is in a position to be armed.

Sam clearly has a firearm permit, but it doesn’t make this any more threatening. Sam doesn´t even try and hide his weapon from his assailants.

Sam has the weapon pointed up at him, and is showing off it.

Sam shows off the weapon and tells his attackers that they will be shot.

And then, Sam gets shot.

This was a very dangerous and dangerous situation, and Sam is not doing anything wrong.

But when Sam is shown holding a pistol in his holster, he shows off his weapon in such a way that he can be perceived as intimidating.

So, what can we do to stop these racist memes?

Here are some tips: 1.

Don’t click on links that suggest that you will be taken in.

You have to click


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