Which Canadian hospitals are the most well-staffed?

The Globe and Mail has done a lot of work to help Canadians understand where they stand in terms of the number of doctors, hospitals and doctors-in-training in their province, and we have compiled a list of the best health-care facilities across Canada for those seeking an edge in a fast-changing field.

The list is by no means exhaustive, and is not a comprehensive list of all health-systems.

The goal is to provide a snapshot of what Canadians are looking for when it comes to a high-quality health- system, whether they choose to be a physician, a nurse, an ER nurse, or a nurse practitioner.

Here is our list:1.

Toronto: University Health Network2.

Toronto-Guildford: Toronto-St. Michael’s Health and Wellness Centre3.

Toronto, ON: St. Michael Hospital4.

Mississauga: St Mary’s University Health Centre5.

Victoria, BC: Victoria Health Sciences Centre6.

Vancouver: Royal Columbian Hospital7.

Calgary: University of Calgary8.

Ottawa: The University of Ottawa9.

Kitchener: St Joseph’s Hospital10.

Waterloo: Waterloo Hospital11.

Toronto (metro area): York University Medical School (the university’s medical school)12.

Toronto East: St Lawrence Hospital13.

Mississatoon: Stony Plain Health Care Centre14.

Brampton: Brampton Community Health Centre15.

Windsor: The Windsor Health Sciences Health Centre16.

Ottawa (metros area): The Hospital for Sick Children17.

Toronto Western: University Hospital in London18.

Toronto South: The Toronto West Hospital19.

Toronto North: The Scarborough Centre Health Centre20.

Bramble Beach: Bramble Lake Health and Community Hospital21.

Calgary North: University Campus Centre22.

Edmonton: University Of Alberta Health Sciences Park23.

Winnipeg: Manitoba Health Services 24.

Kelowna: Kelownan Hospital25.

Calgary South: Kelwin Health Sciences Research Unit26.

Saskatoon: Saskatoon Community Health Research Centre27.

Calgary East: Saskatchewan Health Research Institute28.

Kellington: Kellington Health Sciences Regional Health Centre29.

Sasktel: Kel-Wynne Health Sciences Hospital30.

Calgary West: Kelton Health Sciences Clinical Centre31.

SaskTel North: Keltys Health Sciences Clinic32.

Calgary Centre: Kelwood Health Sciences Institute33.

Kelty’s: Kelminster Hospital34.

Kelton: Kelwys University Health Sciences School35.

Kel-wynne: Kelwynne University Health Research Group36.

Kelwynnes: Kelston University Health Services Centre37.

Kelwynnes North: Kelvin Health Sciences Unit38.

Kelwood: Kelwoods Health Sciences University Health Institute39.

Kelwoods South: Kelvinwood University Health Systems Research Centre40.

Kelston North: Kilgore Health Sciences (Kelwood South)41.

Kelworth: Kelworth Health SciencesUniversity Health Centre in the City of Toronto:York University Medical College:The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Toronto:Toronto General Hospital in the Greater Toronto Area:University of Toronto Scarborough:Toronto Hospital in Scarborough:St. Mary’s Health Centre:York Regional Hospital:York Hospital in Ottawa:University Health Research Unit at Mount Sinai in Toronto (in the Toronto area):The University of Toronto Mount Sinai Health Research Program in Toronto/Hamilton:University Hospital in Hamilton:University Medical Centre at the University of Western Ontario:University School of Medicine at York University:The Mount Sinai Research Institute in Toronto and Ontario:York Public Health Service, St. Catharines:The Royal Alexandra Hospital in Kingston:Toronto’s downtown:Toronto West: York Regional Hospital, St Michael’s Hospital, and St. Andrew’s Hospital:Toronto Medical Centre in Toronto(metro areas):York Regional Centre for Addiction and Mental Health:York Region: York University Hospital:St Mary’s Hospital in Montreal:Toronto Health Sciences:York U Medical Centre:Toronto Centre for Neurosciences:York Central Health Sciences – Scarborough:York Western:York West:Toronto Western Hospital:Yonge and Eglinton:Toronto East: York Region Health Sciences and York Western Hospital


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