Royal College of Surgeons announces plans to support LGBTIQ people in its service

The Royal College (RCS) of Surgeonates has announced plans to invest in LGBTIQ health and wellbeing, including providing training for its members.RCS President Dr Paul Davies announced the plans during a conference on LGBTIQ services in the Royal College’s health and social care committee on Thursday.

The RCS, which provides training for over 2,000 members across the UK, has previously said it will invest in and support LGBTQ health and well-being through LGBTIQ training.

In a statement, Dr Davies said: “Our society is still reeling from the devastating and life-changing impacts of sexual orientation and gender identity.

We need to be more proactive in the provision of LGBTIQ healthcare and support to all who need it.”

Our focus will be on providing the training that will enable the LGBTIQ communities to lead the way in the medical profession, as well as ensuring that LGBTIQ professionals and the wider community have the resources they need to achieve their goals.

“The RCs plans include providing training in LGBTI health, wellbeing and wellbeing as part of its current training and support programmes, as part in the group’s commitment to the development of a “culture of care” and a “healthy community”.

It also plans to train its medical students, staff and members in LGBT-friendly learning environments.

Dr Davies said he hopes the RCs investment will be matched by other healthcare organisations and institutions.”

We want to ensure that every person who needs it is provided with the resources and support they need,” he said.”

That’s why we’re working closely with the Royal Free Hospital NHS Trust to make sure that our staff are supported, that our services are affordable, and that we offer the most inclusive support possible.

“Dr Davies added that there was a need for LGBTIQ members to be “cautious and respectful” of others.”

It’s important that members are seen as individuals rather than being lumped together with others who are not so supportive, because they may not feel welcome in our community, Dr D’Alessandro said.

The Royal College has previously pledged to invest £1m over the next three years in its LGBTIQ service, and has previously launched a website to assist LGBTIQ patients and staff.

Dr D’Angelo said the organisation’s decision to invest the money was driven by the “deepening need for greater support for LGBTI healthcare”.

“We know that LGBTI people are a key part of the British health care system, and our members will play an important role in building a better future for LGBTQ people,” she said.


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