What’s next for specialties in the pharmacy world

Specialties in pharmacy have been hit hard by the financial crisis, with many struggling to stay afloat financially, despite the best efforts of their suppliers.

Kroger, which has a long history of supplying specialty drugs, said it had decided to close its specialty pharmacy in Florida.

The company has said that while it’s still looking for other locations, it plans to open new locations in other states in 2018.

The move is an attempt to cut costs, said Robyn Nolen, a vice president of Kroger’s pharmaceutical sales and pharmacy management.

Kroger is “taking a hard look at its specialty business,” she said in an email.

“This will include making sure we are able to maintain our quality, quantity, and pricing for our customers and the industry as a whole.”

The pharmacy is one of several that has shut down.

On Tuesday, the company announced it had closed its specialty pharmacies in South Carolina, New Hampshire and Texas. 

Nolen declined to name the other three.

The remaining specialty pharmacy locations were in Maryland, New York and California.

A spokesperson for the Florida Health Department told Business Insider that it would not comment on pending investigations.

The Kroger announcement comes just weeks after other specialty drug manufacturers have also shut down their specialty pharmacy business.

In December, Pfizer said it was closing its specialty drug and life sciences business. 

And in June, Johnson & Johnson closed its life sciences pharmacy.

Last year, the FDA announced that the FDA had issued “warning letters” to all specialty pharmacy businesses that had fewer than 50 employees and had fewerthan 500 patients.


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