How to Get Your Discounted VANCOUVER SANDWICH VAN SPECIALTY PHARMACY Coverage from a new brand

By Karen Stannard, Calgary Business (CA) article VANCOURT SANDWIRE is launching its premium, full-service pharmacy on Saturday, Nov. 18.article VANCOUTER SANDWORTH is launching a premium, fully-managed pharmacy, its first brand, on Saturday.VANCOURTRUST PRIVATE will open its first pharmacy in Calgary on Saturday morning at 4:30 a.m. at the corner of East 5th Avenue and Alberta Street.

VANCUER TRUST PRIEST will open at 6 a.b.m., at the same location, with a pharmacy on the ground floor.

Vancourts Health will open a pharmacy at its headquarters at 1445 Broadway, Calgary, on Thursday, Nov, 21.VAN EXPRESS will open an expanded pharmacy on Thursday morning at the West End Mall, Calgary.

Vans, the company that runs Vancouver’s only full-services pharmacy, will also open a full-time pharmacy at 8 a. m. on Friday at 588 E. 7th Avenue, Calgary at the Vancouver-area location.

Vancouver Health is the only publicly traded company in Canada that offers full- and part-time pharmacies.

The company is a unit of Vancouver-based VancuTrust Private Limited, which is the parent company of Vancouver’s premier pharmacy chain VancourTrend.

Vaseline’s retail pharmacy has been open for more than 20 years and has seen over 100,000 patients visit its clinics annually.VANS has also partnered with health care and medical facilities around the world, including at Vancouver General Hospital and BC Children’s Hospital.

The company also recently launched a brand new website for its customers,, which features the latest news on Vancorts health products, its customers and services.VANCECURE is a full service pharmacy offering high quality care at reasonable prices.

VantageCure is Calgary’s only fully-featured full-firm pharmacy.

VantageCures products are designed to meet the specific needs of the health care practitioner, patient and the general public.

Vancecia’s goal is to provide the best possible service, at the lowest cost to patients and to the public.


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