Dealer Specialties Announces Expansion of Its Plant in China

Dealers specializing in specialty appliances like refrigerators, ovens and washing machines will now be able to get their products shipped directly to customers in China, where they are most needed.

The move to China marks the first time the specialty appliance industry has had direct sales in the country since the 1990s, when the country opened its doors to foreign buyers.

The company, which is based in Florida, said its expansion will create nearly 20,000 new jobs and increase sales by $4 billion a year in the US.

“China is a huge market and we are committed to bringing our specialty brands here to compete with our Chinese competitors,” said Bill Loughran, chairman of the Dealers Specialties Association, which represents the biggest specialty appliance dealers.

China’s biggest consumer goods manufacturers, like the country’s largest steel makers, have also said they want to export to the US to compete against imports from the US, which has a 10.5 percent tariff on their products.

Loughran said the company is looking to the new market as a way to diversify its product offerings and compete with the growing number of specialty appliance makers in China.

Since the launch of its new China distribution center, Dealers International has been working with a number of companies, including American specialty appliance company, to establish a network of supply chain logistics companies in the United States.

American specialty appliance manufacturer, American Craftsman, is the largest such company in the U.S., according to the company.

A new distribution center is set to be completed in Beijing in January 2018, and will connect to an existing Chinese network of warehouses and distributors in China with a combined capacity of more than 60,000 products.

China’s National Advanced Industrial Industry Corporation said in April 2018 that its goal is to become the “world’s leading supplier of specialty products and accessories.”


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