How to watch the World Series and the MLB playoff: Watch the World series on Netflix

What are you waiting for?

Get ready to go.

If you have Netflix, you’re going to have some big moments from the World Baseball Classic.

It’s going to be epic.

Here’s a list of the best moments that you’re likely to see.

The first MLB playoff game will start at 7:05 p.m.

ET on Friday.

The game will be streamed on and

It will also be available on the app.

Here are the best MLB moments to watch:The first pitch in the World Finals, in which the Dodgers and Royals will battle for a playoff spot.

The second inning was so exciting that the Dodgers had to be careful not to make too many mistakes.

Here is a clip of the Dodgers throwing to first and having to come up with the second strike.

The crowd was so pumped up.

Here are the crowd chants from the dugout.

The Dodgers got the call right.

Here the crowd was roaring.

Here is the first pitch of the World Championship Game.

Here was the crowd.

The next pitch was the most beautiful.

Here you can see the crowd getting louder and louder.

Here, you can also see how the crowd in right field looked as the ball was thrown.

Here there is a crowd chant.

The Dodgers, who won the World War II pennant, have been a World Series favorite since the team’s first appearance in 1939.

The Red Sox are the favorites again after they won their second straight World Series title in 2016.

Here we can see Red Sox players throwing to left field for the first time.

Here we can also check out some of the crowd at Fenway Park.

Here comes the Red Sox!

Here we see fans getting into it after the first game.

Here were some of them, including a Red Sox fan with a baseball helmet.

Here they are talking to each other.

Here a couple of fans talking to one another.

Here an off-camera moment of a guy yelling at a man at the park.

Here you can hear a man talking to his wife.

Here he is with his wife, a Red A and a girl at the ballpark.

Here fans yell out “The World Series is here!”

Here we get to see some of their reactions to the first home run.

Here it is.

Here another shot of the fans.

Here’s another shot from the first inning of the game.

Here it is from the second inning.

Here she is at the plate.

Here there is some cheering and shouting.

Here she is with her son, who is playing baseball in the crowd!

Here is a closer look at some of those fans.

The last ball is hit by Royals shortstop Alcides Escobar.

Here its a shot from his home plate.

The crowd is getting pumped up again.

Here guys are getting ready for the next pitch.

Here Alcides is looking for a double.

Here his teammates are cheering for him.

Here a guy is cheering for his team.

Here some fans are talking about how they want to see the Royals win the World Cup.

Here comes some cheering in the dugouts.

Here the Royals have to get the call wrong.

Here someone in the stands can be seen with a camera.

Here fans are yelling “Whoa, whoa!”

Here you see some fans getting excited.

Here one of the Royals fans can be heard saying “It’s a World Championship!

I want it!”

Here you get to watch how some fans in the left field seats react.

Here in left field you can clearly see that some of that fans are cheering the team.

Here one of those Royals fans is standing next to his team member.

Here some fans yell “You got a World Cup!”

Here one fan shouts “The world’s best.”

Here fans can clearly hear the crowd singing “Oh my goodness!”

Here comes a roar from the crowd, and some people are screaming.

Here what some fans say at the end of the inning.

Here another fan shouts out “Oh!

You’re going there!”

Here fans get into it, and one of them says “You’re going back!”

Here some of fans in left center can be clearly seen with the camera.

Here those fans can also be seen yelling “Get out of here!”

Here some of our readers yell out.

Here people are yelling, “Get the heck out!”

Here there are fans yelling “What are you doing?!”

Here there are some fans yelling, and another person yells, “We want to leave!”

Here a fan is standing with his family.

Here our reader can be easily seen, and his daughter can be reached by the camera, and the fans can see her and her husband.

Here many of the guys can be visible.

Here people can be spotted standing near the dug outs.

Here at the home plate, you could see the dug out where Alcides was trying to throw.

Here here is a shot of


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