What do you know about the new McLaren F1 cars?

A few days ago, McLaren’s former chief engineer Tim Farley revealed the team has spent the last two years working on the F1 version of its McLaren P1, which is currently being developed by McLaren F3 team owner Honda.

In a recent interview with F1 World, Farley talked about how the car is being developed, how it was developed by Honda, and the progress it’s made.

It’s important to note that Farley didn’t reveal any specific details about the car, which the team is working on internally.

Farley said McLaren is trying to “make a car that’s faster, more agile, a better car,” while adding that it’s still early days.

Farleys thoughts on the new P1 are similar to what we saw from Farley at the launch of the F2 car, where he said that McLaren’s “next car is gonna be the P1.”

Farley also spoke about the development process, saying that “we are building the car as quickly as possible” to get it into the race, which means a full-scale prototype is still in the works.

The McLaren F2 is a sports car that was unveiled last month, and is described as a sports-car with “aero-inspired bodywork and an all-new, all-carbon fiber chassis.”

While the team hasn’t announced any official name for the car yet, Farleys statement suggested it could be called the McLaren F4.

There are also rumours that the car will be based on the 2016 Honda F1, but that it will be an “all-new car,” not a F1 based on a previous car.

McLaren F10 will also be a sports model.

As the first sports car to be built by McLaren, the F10 has been rumored to feature a carbon-fiber chassis and a new front wing.

A McLaren F9 will also likely be revealed as a successor to the F5.

The F10 was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show, and was followed up by a new teaser video at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

We have more to report on the McLaren P9 as we get closer to the reveal.

What are you waiting for?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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