Why is the world’s largest fish farm in the Amazon so secretive?

The Brazilian fish farms that are a staple of the local cuisine, like the fish farm of Oceti Sakowin, have long been shrouded in secrecy.

It’s been a problem for the Amazonian government, which has been accused of being a partner in the illicit trade in fish.

Now, the US is stepping in to stop this, and Brazil is reportedly considering a crackdown on the fish farms.

The US has said that it will also launch a review of Brazil’s export law.

The Brazilian government has been quick to dismiss the accusations, with Minister of Fisheries Luiz Alberto Rodrigues saying: “There are so many myths in the media.

The truth is the truth.”

But Brazil’s biggest fish farm, called Ocete Amazonia, is the focus of a major investigation by the US State Department, which is investigating whether the fish are being sold to people who don’t have permits.

The investigation is due to be completed this month, according to Brazilian news agency ABC.

The fish farm has been described as a “crime scene” by US officials, who are also investigating the export of fish products.

US officials have said that Ocitea is involved in the illegal trade in piranhas, turtles, dolphins, sea lions, sea otters and other species.

It has been one of the most lucrative fish farms in Brazil, with over $3bn in revenue last year.

The farms are run by the fish farming giant Grupo Oceste, which supplies Brazil with more than 50 million tonnes of fish annually.

Brazil has said the investigation will reveal “a great deal of truth”.

It will be one of several investigations into the farms and other illegal fishing in Brazil.

According to a recent study by the World Trade Organization, Brazilian fish exports to the US increased by 10.8 per cent in 2016, with more fish going to the United States than to any other country.

The report estimated that Brazilian fish is now worth $4.3bn.

The farm is one of many fish farms operated by Grupo oceste that have been linked to the illicit fishing of piranha, turtles and other endangered species.

However, there are doubts over the accuracy of the report.

The researchers from the Brazilian Institute of Fisheries and Aquaculture (IFAO) found that there was “little or no correlation” between the number of pirana and the size of the fish being sold in the US.

They are.” “

But they cannot be used to say that the piranhas and turtles are not being harvested.

They are.”

The IFAOS study also found that piranahas are highly prized for their skin, which makes them attractive for collectors, while turtles are used for cosmetics.

But the researchers did not take into account the size and quality of the harvested piranas and the quality of those sold in Brazil as well as the quality and quantity of piranes.

In addition, it is unclear whether the piranes that are being harvested have been properly inspected or if they are being grown illegally.

Brazil’s fisheries ministry did not respond to BBC News’ requests for comment.

Ocatea has denied any wrongdoing, saying it is “committed to protecting fish”.

The fish farms, known as aquatic aquaculture, have been criticised for a range of abuses, including illegal and unregulated fishing.

Some of the abuses alleged include the use of captive animals, including dolphins and turtles.

In the case of piransha, the ministry said it would “investigate any allegations of animal abuse”.

Other illegal fish processing is said to be taking place in the waters off the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

The country has been under a court order to crack down on the illegal fishing of tuna, cod and other fish.

But officials have struggled to stop the fish farmers.

A recent survey of fish farms found that some of them were already operating illegally, and others were “still working” illegally.

This led to the Brazilian government setting up a taskforce last year to try to combat the illegal fisheries.

But critics say this effort is too little too late.

They argue that Brazil is already in crisis, with some 400,000 fish species at risk of extinction.

The government has already set aside over $100m for the fish eradication programme, which aims to protect only about a third of the country’s fish stocks.


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