How to win a Conservative leadership race

Conservative media mogul Mark Cuban is in serious contention to lead the Conservative Party of Canada.

The Texas billionaire is a rising star in Canadian politics, and a former governor of the United States.

He is also an outspoken critic of Donald Trump and a fierce critic of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trump’s popularity and the Conservatives’ inability to attract enough votes to win the federal election last month has created a vacuum for Cuban to emerge as the party’s next leader.

In an interview with the CBC’s The Current, Cuban discussed his hopes for a Conservative win, his political philosophy and what it would take to unseat Trudeau.

1:50: Trump’s influence and the rise of the Conservative party are still a huge question mark.

How will Trump influence the Conservative brand and the direction of the party?

Cuban says that Trump has an opportunity to turn the Conservative movement into a more populist, nationalist movement.

That would give him a chance to take the party away from the centre-left, where it’s been for decades.

I would think the Conservative base would be attracted to him as a strong leader and a conservative.

2:14: What would it take for Trump to unify the party, and if so, what would it mean for the future of the conservative movement?

He would need a huge surge in the Conservative vote.

He would have to convince a majority of the country that he’s a conservative who is a true conservative.

He’s not going to win over the conservative base by appealing to a narrow base of voters.

I think it’s going to be a challenge for him.

2.22: He also says that if Trump doesn’t unite the Conservative caucus, he will be a liability to the party.

The idea that he can unite the party and win an election would be laughable.

It’s not possible.

He’d have to create a unity in the conservative party and he would have no chance to do that because he’s not a conservative, he’s an extremist.

He just has an agenda, he thinks the United Nations should be shut down and he wants to deport all the illegal immigrants.

2 :30: Does Cuban believe that Trudeau is a good candidate for the Conservative leadership?

He doesn’t believe it.

“I don’t believe Justin Trudeau is that kind of leader, nor do I think he’s the best leader.

I don’t think he has the personality to be prime minister.

He has no idea how to be president of Canada.”

1:30: Would he support a Conservative victory in 2019?

He says he would vote for the party if Trudeau was the party leader.

The only reason I would not vote for Justin Trudeau would be if I thought he was going to make a mistake in the future.

2.:40: Does he believe that the Conservatives can recover from Trump’s loss?

He thinks it’s possible, but not certain.

He says the Conservatives need to take a strong stand against Donald Trump, and that Trudeau’s party is not conservative enough to stand up to him.

1 :15: Does Cuba have any plans to run in 2019 if the Conservatives don’t win?

He said he doesn’t think so.

“We have a chance, but we can’t afford to lose a good amount of votes.

If you’re not going for a majority, you’re never going to get one.

We have a huge opportunity.”

2:10: What are the Conservatives priorities for the next two years?

Cuban thinks they need to be focused on protecting their country.

He believes Canada has to be stronger economically and that the Conservative government needs to protect the environment and the Canadian economy.

He thinks they should make it easier for Canadians to get a job and that they should have the best infrastructure.

2 .10: How would you describe Cuban’s leadership style?

“He doesn’t have a lot of personality.

He doesn: he’s very reserved.

He tends to think that his political principles are more important than what his policies are.”

2.15: What’s the biggest difference between you and Trump?

“We are different, but I don: I don,t have the personality of Donald.

I have more in common with people who are conservative.

They are concerned about what’s best for the country.

He does what he thinks is right for Canada, not for the United State. “

There’s something very interesting in the way he approaches politics, the way the world is.

He does what he thinks is right for Canada, not for the United State.

That’s the way I think about it.”

Cuban’s views are not new.

In 2008, he made the comments that he would consider running for president in 2020 if he won the presidency.

He didn’t even win the presidency, though.

2-18: Is there anything you would change about Cuban’s Conservative campaign strategy?

“I think there’s a lot more to the Conservative campaign that you need to look at.

I’m not running as a moderate or a centrist.

I believe that Canadians are tired of having their country run by extremists and people who don’t care about our country


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