What’s next for specialty pharmacy in 2018

More article “The primary goal of specialty pharmacy is to help consumers better understand the medicines they are taking and the effectiveness of their medications.

We can offer the best information about a medicine that can help them, whether that’s in a pill, tablet or injection, without taking them in a doctor’s office,” said Dr. Joseph Maroon, CEO of Alliance Health, a specialty pharmacy chain based in Austin, Texas.

Maroon said Alliance is working with specialty pharmacies to develop a new app to help with that, and said the pharmacy chain will be offering a number of new products and services this year.

The company’s website lists a number to call about specialty pharmacy services, including prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

But, it said, its “first priority is to provide our patients with accurate, accurate and up-to-date information.”

The alliance, which has a long history of helping people access their medicines, will also continue to work with specialty drugstores to offer new products like its first-ever injectable injector, which can be used to help people inject their own medicine or inject medication directly into their body.

The company said it is working to launch a brand new injector this fall.

The app will have a user interface designed specifically for consumers, but Maroon added that the company will continue to use its existing smartphone app to keep users up-date on the latest news and information about its product line. 

In a blog post last week, Maroon wrote about the “challenges” of selling a brand-new product in the era of smartphones.

“It’s a little bit daunting when we’re talking about new products, and we’re always looking for ways to make them more accessible,” he wrote.

“We’re also trying to figure out how to be more efficient and make sure the app has the best experience for our customers.”

He also noted that he is working on a number more partnerships and partnerships with pharmaceutical companies.

He said Alliance has made a commitment to working with Pfizer, the drug giant’s parent company, on developing an app that helps people manage their medications, as well as to partner with drug manufacturers to develop new products.

Maroon said he expects to have an app in the market by the end of the year.

He added that Alliance is also working with companies like Johnson & Johnson to help them develop new drugs for the U.S. market.


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