The Food and Drug Administration is going after the biggest name in specialty food, Decore atives

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday said it plans to fine specialty food makers, foodservice companies and restaurants $2 million for not labeling ingredients with the ingredients’ active ingredients and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The proposed fine will apply to the following specialty food products: specialty food; frozen foods; desserts; and foods made from food, milk, cheese, meats, poultry, eggs, fish, vegetables and fruits.

The fine will be levied for a period of six months and is based on a company’s compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements, the FDA said in a statement.

The agency said the agency would make recommendations to the food industry to reduce or eliminate any of the following ingredients: gluten, lactose, soy, corn, gluten-free, eggs or other ingredients with active ingredients; artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, colors, colors with active ingredient; artificial flavors, preservative, flavors with active and inactive ingredients; flavors with added artificial colors; and colorants with active or inactive ingredients.

Consumers can contact the FDA to discuss the proposed fine and request information about the proposed regulations, the agency said.

The FDA has previously taken action against specialty food manufacturers, including a proposed $2.9 million fine last month for using a food additive made by the company NutraSweet.

The Food & Drug Administration also last year proposed $1.3 million for a fine for a company for using “salt and sugar” ingredients in its products.


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