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One On One With Reuben Karpeh


Someone once told me that, music is a great form of treatment which many people are not aware of.

Everyone listens to music as a form of therapy. Myself, I whether I am happy or sad or angry, I listen to uplifting gospel worship songs.

Having said that; it is therefore a call to all artists to be more creative and dynamic when it comes to composing and producing music. A good song must educate, inform and also entertain people.

Today on One on One, we feature a young Liberian artist living in Australia,  Mr. Reuben Karpeh, and get to know more about his journey in music and where he is headed.

What is your real name? My parent named me Rueben Karpeh; when they gave birth to me in 1988, 15th December.

Where are you from? I am a Liberian, my parents are Liberian but living in Melbourne, Australia.

Your stage name: Mr. Shugga

Tell me about your education journey: …I finished high school in 2001 and did personal training in Adalaide TAFE as profession, and I am now studying health at Brace Education and Training College in Melbourne Australia.

Why did you venture into music?  My reason is not really about being famous, even though I know my hard work will get me to higher places thus making me famous, but for now it is about fulfilling and carrying my daddy’s dream from where he stopped.

I love music such that I don’t really focus on anything else than the sound of music when I am in my zone; because I want to get to the top like other artists.

What type of music do you do? I do Afro pop, Dance, but  still trying something new that comes my way.

Who inspired you? When I was growing up, I used to listen to 2Face and Jodi Clarke who really inspired me, but I still observed and liked my Dad Mr. Joseph Karpeh in his music journey.

So your father was an artist? Oh yes, my dad owned a Dance Group/ Culture group back in the days. He was the owner and also the leader of the group, but due to the war he lost all his opportunities. My dad was a very good dancer and singer and won so many awards

How many albums have you produced so far? Still working on my first album, all I have been putting out there are singles trying to build up my fan base a bit before I drop an album. I have several songs such as; LOVE IS ALL WE NEED, WELCOME TO THE PARTY, THE WAY, MAKOSA, THANK YOU, DANCE FOR ME , ONE 2 STEP ,GET DAT MONEY ,JULIE, and LOKA  DEM among others

Does music pay? I will say yes it pays; when you work hard it will surely pay off. But for underground artists I will say the payment is not there at the beginning. But yes music pays.

You planning to do a collaboration?  Yes I am planning to do one major collaboration, which I am praying for with 2Face in future; he has been my inspiration. I did one already with Ghanaian based international super stars Ruff & Smooth called “Get Dat Money”. I did one track with Liberian US based super star Jodi Clarke song title: “Cuzin Trouble” this song has been one of the hit songs in my community.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years, I will love to be a well known international artist around the globe, I love to see my music on MTV, BET, BILLBOARD etc.

Is Mr Shugga married? Hahahaha, Mr Shugga is not married but hope to get married in future God willing. I am still young….hehehe, although I have two kids a son called Randy and a daughter Michelle.  By the way am dating a young beautiful girl called Susanah whom I love so much.

Who are your fans? My number one fans are in my own country Liberia where I am born, and I still have fans and followers from outside Liberia, that is Australia and the surroundings. It is said that if your house doesn’t sell you, nobody will buy you. So, in short, my fans are mostly Liberians

Who supports you? My great supporters are my African family that is all I can say on that.

Who is your music producer? Mollessbeatz and FoggyOnBeatz are my producers, and have been working tirelessly to make sure my music are produced on time and with the best quality. They are among the best producers in the country.

Where do you play your music mostly? My music are mostly played in Australia because that’s where I am based right now, also played in Liberia and many other countries.

I believe that by the grace of God my music will play all over the globe soon, because God is able to make ways even to where there seem to be no.

So you are a Christian? I am a true Christian, and by the way I sing in our church choir which is Cross Purpose Church.

Have you been awarded so far?

I have won 4 good Awards from Liberian Entertainment Award Australia: two Best videos, best song, best Artist. I was also the first Liberian Australian based artist to win the first award from Liberian Entertainment of America as Best Artist Australia in 2016. I also won the best male art Melbourne and the Best Afro Beatz Art Australia 2016 at the AAMMA award.

So where do you live? I live in City of Melbourne Australian.

Is there any Liberian song you have sang? Yes my first is “Cuzin Trouble” and trust me there’s more and there are more coming out soon.

Is the government supporting artists? For now I will say that I don’t really know much about the Liberian government because am too far away from Liberia but from other artists’ experience I think the government is doing absolutely nothing to support artists.

Finally, what do you want to tell your fans? I want to tell my fans wherever they are to keep supporting me and I promise them that I will always give them the best so as to entertain, inform and educate them through my songs. I want to request them to keep on following and supporting my work, and I really appreciate their love and support. I love them and I really appreciate their hard work may God guide them always.

“Music is the only thing that when it hits you, you feel no pain”-Bob Marley

To get his music,

Follow him @Shazam, FaceBook: Reuben Karpeh

Written by Bernard Kagame

Edited by @babubiko

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